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Area Attractions

While staying at Rock Crest Lodge & Cabins, make sure to to check out the numerous area activities!

  • Custer Area Attractions

    Custer Area Attractions

    Check out all the available activities near Rock Crest Lodge: Swimming, golf, shopping, restaurants, tennis, horseshoe and volleyball courts, hiking trails, rock climbing and the George S. Mickelson Trail.

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  • Custer State Park

    Custer State Park

    Custer State Park covers 73,000 acres (29,200 ha), making it one of the largest state parks in the nation. From its northern sector, in the shadow of 7,242-foot high (2207m) Harney Peak, to the forest, meadows, and prairie inlest of its southeast corner, Custer State Park offers something for everyone.

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  • Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse

    A fifth granite face is emerging in the Black Hills. The colossal Crazy Horse mountain carving, now in progress, can be seen just 17 miles (27.4 km) from Mount Rushmore.

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  • Mount Rushmore

    Mount Rushmore

    Gutzon Borglum saw the scenic heartland of America as exactly the place to realize his dream of carving a mountain memorial to the great leaders upon whose principles and actions the nation was founded, expanded and sustained.

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  • Jewel Cave National Monument

    Jewel Cave National Monument

    West of Custer, South Dakota, beneath the floor of Hell Canyon, lies a wonderland far removed from the forest and mountains above.

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  • Wind Cave National Monument

    Wind Cave National Monument

    One of the nation's oldest national parks, Wind Caves became part of the park system in 1903.

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  • Badlands National Park

    Badlands National Park

    Steep precipices, saw-edged spires and colored grassy-topped buttes form a strange and beautiful landscape that tells the story of Earth's history.

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  • Area Restaurants

    Area Restaurants

    The Custer area offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind restaurants all offering delicious local fare.

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